Memorias de Cuba

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cuban Blogs Increasing in Number

Not too long ago, when I began my first blog, Cuba-Blog, I had to search hard to find websites and blogs about my birth place, Cuba. More often than not, the sites were either politically focused, and careened radically to the right or left of the political spectrum or were nothing more than a listing of traditional Cuban recipes and rhumbas.

Now more sites are appearing, more blogs are being written, and more diversity of topic and thought is evident. Even prior to the obvious infirmity of El Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, his name appeared less and less on Cuban-topic sites. I applaud this movement toward normalcy. I celebrate the departure from radical cyber-rhetoric, and invite everyone to share their memories, thoughts and experiences -- whether still in Cuba (I know this will take a little doing, but it can be done!); a Cuban emigré; or anyone interested in or knowledgeable about the island and its people.

A great place (in addition to my own to start Cuba-Blog) is blog I've recently read by Liz Henry who was looking for Cuban Blogs and apparently received quite a few responses. She's got a nice blog besides that, so give it a visit!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gallery of Cuba Photos

Photographs are important to people who have immigrated from their birth country. They contain memories of the past and may be the only remaining links to their country of origin. For many Cubans who were unable to take much of their personal possessions when they left the island, photographs of their previous lives number in the precious few.

As an exile, I have been fortunate to have been able to collect from family and friends a small but significant gallery of photos of my early life in Cuba and of family members who came before me, and which I want to share with you here:

This is just the start of my sharing memories. More will come, some with photos, some just with mental images. I welcome you to share your memories and comments with me as well.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thanks to digital technology and the internet, I've received photos of Camagüey and Havana, Cuba from people who are living in Cuba and people who have gone back to visit our home town. I am sharing them with you via the internet. Cubans are a unique, inventive and joyful people in spite of any adversity they encounter. These photos, I believe, attest to that spirit.
Gracias a la tecnología digital y la red, he recibido fotos de Camagüey y Habana, Cuba, de algunos que viven en Cuba y otros que han regresado de visita a su ciudad de origen. Las comparto con ustedes por la red. Los cubanos son inventivos y alegres a pesar de la adversidad que sufren. Estoy convencida de que estas fotos son un testimonio de ese espíritu tan único.